Manassas Housing Trust Fund

Helping those in need
The mission of the City of Manassas Housing Trust Fund is to assist in meeting the housing needs of those in our community who are unable to meet those needs on their own. It will address long-term needs as well as emergency needs of those at risk of becoming homeless, those without decent housing, and those with housing inadequate to meet the family needs. To accomplish this purpose, funds will be solicited from public and private sources and be managed, invested loaned and disbursed in such a way as to assist low and moderate income families and individuals secure, adequate, safe and decent housing..

  • Property located in Manassas
  • Downpayment Assistance
  • Owner occupied or Vacant


We will do all we can to help you!

Realtor Information about MHTF Program (pdf)

Lender Information about MHTF Program (pdf)

MHTF Brochure/Guidlines (English) (pdf)

MHTF Brochure/Guidlines (en Espanol) (pdf)

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